Pinches and Dashes


I thought it might be fun to post a few of the dishes I've discovered for other people to enjoy. However, I have to warn you -- I tend to cook instinctively, more than with specific recipes. While recipes are good and well, cooking is more an art than an exact science. If you add a bit more milk than the recipe dictates, it's generally not going to ruin everything -- you might just have to toss in a bit of extra flour too, and end up with 27 cookies instead of the 25 that the recipe supposedly makes.
So. That said: These are recipes. But they're very loosey-goosey recipes as far as measurements are concerned. I've done my best to give educated estimates as to how much of Ingredients X, Y, and Z I used in any particular recipe, but because:
a) I wasn't paying attention at the time,
b) Everything I have here to measure with is in ounces, not cups
c) Everyone's ingredients -- and oven temp, kitchen humidity, altitude, water quality, etc -- are all going to be different'll have to experiment a bit yourself. Which is a good thing! Don't fear it -- have fun with it! Just... maybe try the recipe for yourself once before bringing it to the office Christmas party. :D
Anyway, here are a few of the dishes that I've discovered/invented in the last few months. I'll add more as I try more. Enjoy!


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