Monday, September 1, 2014

Finally Caught Up

Well, nearly caught up anyway. :)

I am typing this from the Frankfurt city library, where I have just registered for my very own German library card. Hallelu! I only get an hour on their computers but I can have another two on my own device -- which means my own keyboard. German keyboards are strange -- here is an example:

I canät use apostrophies where I would usuallz find them and the z (as in I take zou to the backzard to do zoga) is where the y should be (I mean the y like in yebra and yoo.) And some of the punctuation is weird too ßß like thereäs a esset where I want to find the dash and the @ szmbol is on the Q kez. What is this world_ GOSH DANG IT WHERE IS MZ QUESTION MARK

So zeah -- er, yeah. Typing takes some concentration.

I seem to be mostly over my little bug -- I really do think it was just a bit of food poisoning, but I have no idea from what. To be safe, I threw out everything from the last few days (not that it was much, I'm living mostly on pasta and fruit this week). And I still don't have much of an appetite. But on the whole, much better.

Today was the first day of my second German course, which I think went fairly well. I am at this point right now where I just kind of hate German and don't want to speak another word of it, but I can understand just about everything the teacher says, so long as she doesn't ask me to make an intelligent response. And I managed to get my library card without much of a hitch.

There are some interesting new people in my class (I think they took two Deutsch 1 courses and put the 'survivers' into one Deutsch 2 class?) including a girl from England. Yay, anothing English-speaker! :D Haven't actually spoken to her yet -- perhaps tomorrow.

And as I write this I am attemtping to upload the video blogs that I've done and never uploaded. Hopefully at least a few of them can be up this week -- I underestimated how difficult it would be to upload them. I keep saying 'they'll be up soon, they'll be up soon...' but I promise -- THEY WILL BE UP SOON. lol

Anyway, that's about all for now. Going to go check all my email accounts and things while I'm online, then I have to go buy the book for my class, and then home for the evening. Anna and the bitties will be back on Wednesday, so I'm only on my own another day or two.

More soon!


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