Friday, August 8, 2014

Confession: I Sketch in Class

Ok, before I continue, a quick shout-out and “I LOVE YOU” to my wonderful readers – especially my dad, Granma E, and Mrs. Turner. Your comments make my day, and I miss all of you! Thanks so much for reading – and I’m glad you’re enjoying my entries.

Sorry for not posting yesterday – I was so tired that I ended up going to bed nearly an hour earlier than normal. I had decided to take a (very) long way home, walking along the river for nearly two miles before heading north and west into an area of the city that I hadn’t explored yet. Not much of interest, once I got past the train station (which Anna took me into today – and I found a Christmas present for my sister. Not telling what it is though! lol) and all the sketchy folk who hang around it, but I walked to what has become my favorite sky-scraper and took a few pictures. I don’t know why, but for whatever reason, this building is to me the perfect skyscraper. I just love to look at it – I don’t have a clue what makes it so great, but it just feels right

Anyway, since not much happened special today, I thought I’d show you some of the people I see every day on my way to school. I can’t take pictures, of course, because I’m not a creeper, but I can sketch. So here are a few of the people I pass every morning on my way to Ostend, and also two of my classmates that I drew when I’d finished the others. :D

First is Mr. Accordion Man. That’s what I call him in my head, anyway – though he looks a bit like a George. He plays at the entrance to the park most mornings with his cup out for change. He sits right where the exit from the subway-station lets out, so lots of business-people pass him. I suppose he must make fairly good money – or else he enjoys it a lot – because he’s always in the same spot. He always smiles at me and gives me a “Guten Morgan,” even though I never drop anything in his cup.

Next is Mr. Smoker. I pass Mr. Smoker nearly every morning at the same street corner, right after I get out of the main banking district. He wears a sharp suit and a contrastingly-ratty cap, and he’s always putting out a cigarette as I pass him. Our schedules must be perfectly aligned so that I always meet him just as he’s about to cross the street and is stamping out his smoke and popping a bit of gum into his mouth. He always seems quite cross, and glares at me as if I’m responsible for his smoking habit. I don’t care for him too much.

Right after I pass Mr. Smoker, I walk past a restaurant where Carlos is putting out the tables and chairs for the day. I have no idea what his real name is, but he looks like a Carlos and I was getting tired of thinking of him as “that waiter guy I pass every morning right after Mr. Smoker.” So Carlos it is. I think Carlos has noticed that I pass every day, and a couple of times he’s given me this kind of half-smile-and-nod of greeting. There’s also a blonde waitress who works at the same place, but her face is so normal that I can’t ever remember what she looks like – other than she’s blonde, tall, and wears overalls half the time.


Lastly, there’s a mother and her little girl that I see nearly every morning – though not all the time. The kid seems pretty well behaved, but mom always looks frazzled to me. I noticed her first because she looks just like a girl I knew at school, only about 20 years older. I smile at her most of the time, but she always looks right through me – it’s not normal to smile at strangers in the street here. Her kid is cute though, these big blue eyes and blonde ringlets.

Ok, now here are two of my classmates: Jia Lin (CHI-ya LEEN, from Taiwan) and Natasha (from Moldavia). 
Jia Lin is really sweet and has a great sense of humor, and seriously the prettiest eyes I have ever seen on a human being. It’s hard to see from a distance, but when you’re up close her eyes are actually gold. Not like yellow or just a pale brown, but like molten gold and dark chocolate somehow mixed together. Seriously gorgeous. 


Natasha is adorable in manner and appearance. She has the look of a hard-core punk (her hair is raspberry-red, and she wears heavy shoes, short, flouncy skirts that look like she may have handmade them, and relatively plain blouses) but she’s actually very nice and has a laugh like a viola – lower than you’d expect, and sweet.

Anyway, that’s it for tonight. More soon! (Well, maybe not until Sunday – Saturdays we have the bitties all day long, so they can get pretty exhausting.)

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  1. Good morning Maggie,
    I know it's almost 9am there as I saved the Frankfurt time for easy reference. So being Sat I'm sure your all day with the bitties started a few hours ago so you are well into your morning already.
    It's almost midnight here. I should be in bed but it's quiet, both dogs are sound sleep and hubby fell asleep in his recliner. He has his arms up and hands tucked behind his head. He never snores, which I thought all men did. I do, or so I'm told...Sigh. anyway it's quiet and the perfect time to catch up on your adventures. Loving the sketches and the people snips. Wondering what they would think of being important enough to be observed and written about. Some would no doubt fuss, but I think they would ultimately enjoy the spotlight, ok maybe not Mr. Smoker or frazzled mom.
    Must choose for now so I can read a few more of your blogs before I drift off. Have a blessed day dear Maggie!


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