Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Cast of Characters

Alright, so I promised that this post, I’d tell you a bit more about myself, and introduce my host family (though I’ll be using pseudonyms for them, so as to protect their privacy). I’ll try to keep this short. :)

My name isn’t technically Maggie. Maggie is short for Magpie, which is a nickname I’ve picked up over the last few years – mainly self-imposed. I have an obsession with picking up anything shiny, I have a really loud, raucous laugh, and I love to dress in a hodgepodge of everything—scarves, jewelry, flowy skirts, fun hats, crazy jewelry. Also, my real name is one of those that I have to explain every time I introduce myself, so in thinking about going to a foreign country where communication might be an issue anyway… I decided just to simplify and go with Maggie.

I’m a college graduate with a degree in English and without a penny in student loans thanks to my work-education-based college, where I lived and worked for four years instead of paying tuition fees. I’d like to eventually go and get my Masters in Library Science—maybe right after Germany.

I’m a pastor’s kid from the American Midwest with dreams of the big city, a passion for children’s and young adult literature, and a burning desire to own a 1960s Volkswagen camper van.

That ought to mostly cover the basics – you’ll doubtless hear more as we go along.

And now for my host family, the Reichmanns. My first contact was with Anna Reichmann, the mother. Later on, I “met” (via Skype) her husband, Victor Reichmann, and their two children: Elsa and Daniel. Elsa is just about three, and Daniel is about eighteen months old. I’m looking forward to meeting them for real – Elsa is the sweetest little thing and plays peek-a-boo with me over Skype, and Daniel is a tiny, serious boy who just stares and stares.

I’ll have more about them soon, I’m sure – as well as reports/complaints about travel, packing, and all that good stuff. Until then!


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  1. Do keep updated, because i want to know all about it


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